10 Morning and Bedtime Affermations

You get to decide what kind of a day you're going to give. Why not tell your mind how great it’s going to be.
1.   I will do my best today.
2.   My first blessing of today, I woke up.
3.   I am grateful for today’s opportunities 
4.   I am excited for what the day will bring
5.   I will not focus on things I can’t control today
6.   yesterdays mistakes is today’s lesson learned
7.   I will surround myself with positive people
8.   I will smile even if things get tough today
9.   I will respond with kindness even if it’s not kindness I receive
10. I will Remember to take a deep breathe step back and begin again
Say these 10 things before going to sleep to help assure your mind you did your best and promote restful sleep.
1.   I have done my best today.
2.   I am happy with today’s accomplishment
3.   tomorrow is a new slate to start again
4.   I am filled with content
5.   I am safe
6.   My heart is grateful
7.   I am blessed
8.   I am peaceful
9.   I Love my family and am Loved in return
10. My body is relaxed and ready for slumber

Confidence Builder Tips

17. 12. 15
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These tips are designed to help you to regain your Faith in yourself, when your confidence
needs a boost, so that you can accomplish anything you put your mind too.

1. Identify sources that are causing you stress and negativity in your life and remove them.
Yes I know in some cases easier said then done. If you can't remove them permanently,
do limit your association with the source the best you can. Even a break so that you can
get your priorities back in order and regain your confidence to move ahead is better
then doing nothing.

2. Do not dwell on past failures. If you must think about them,Look at them differently.
See them as lessons. Now you know what didn't work . The more we try the closer we
get to finding what will work. Knowledge is power. Don't ever give up.

3. Be Approachable. Don't be so shy and stand offish. You may be uncomfortable, but if
you change your attitude it can change the whole situation. Did you know that your
confidence not only effects your mental state, but it also reflects in your actions. So
watch your facial expressions as well as your stance. A smile and a welcoming gesture
goes along way as to how people react to you in turn.

4. List are also a good way to reflect on the positive things in your Life. Go ahead write
them down. Your accomplishments, your family, friends , anything that makes you
happy and brings joy to your Life. Post this where you can see it. When your feeling
down. This can help bring a smile to your face.

5. Last but not Look in a mirror and quote a few affirmations to yourself. Let you know
that you believe in you, and that your gonna not only show up, but your gonna be the
star of your life's performance. Your thought, dreams and opinions matter.YOU ARE