Have some Faith

18. 02. 25
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Wether you are a spiritual person or not ( And just for the record I am) We all have Faith in something. You had Faith when you went to bed last night, that you would wake up this morning, that the air you breathe is always going to be available, that water is wet, and heat is hot. These are all things that we don’t even give a second thought to. (Well most of us anyway.) We just simply have Faith that that is the way it is.  So I ask you if it’s so easy to have Faith in these things, why is it so hard to have Faith in ourselves.
The answer to this is actually quite easy. We tend to believe what we feed our mind. If you are telling yourself things like. I’m not ever going to be good enough, or I’m such a screw-up, things can’t get better. well, your right they probably won’t.  Have you heard the quote “Wether you think you can, or think you can’t, your right?” What that means is whatever you tell yourself that will most assuredly be the out come.  Now I am not saying that everything you try you will be successful and that you won’t ever fail at anything. Cause the truth is you will.  Failing is actually a necessary part of success. But having Faith and trying will get you closer to your goal. Then letting Fear of failing stop you. It will all be in how we react to the outcomes as to whether we move forward or stand still.  If we learned it was a success.  If we don’t try it will lead to regret
Let me tell you of a story of Faith that happened a few years ago. This story is very dear to my heart. It is a source of inspiration.  I think of it often when I am having trouble with my Faith. 
A few years ago my husband Jack and I took a couple of our children and grandchildren on a trip to Disney World. It was a trip of a lifetime. It could not have been more perfect if we tried. Our accommodations had been upgraded, we not only got tickets to Disney, but we also got tickets to the pirate cove dinner and show. Not to mention we bought into our vacation club that now let’s us have wonderful trips on a regular basis. Sounds great huh?
Well this is how something that seems very trivial now can almost ruin everything that was so perfect just moments before. You see for those of you who don’t know, I am also a photographer. I take pictures of anything and everything.( If you are around me long enough,I promise you,you will be photographed. Don’t say you haven’t been warned lol.)  anyway it was time to leave the park,(they close early at Disney on certain days in October to do their Halloween nights,)so we got to the car,and our two grandchildren road with Jack and I,while their parents followed behind. We hadn’t been on the road very long when my husbands phone rang. It was our daughter Kayla. She wanted to know if I had my phone. 
Then it hit me. I layed my phone on the back of the car when I put my grandchildren in their seats.  I looked down beside me and sure enough, it wasn’t there. Our daughter then proceeded to tell me they saw it fly off the back of the car and onto the road. It was smashed as the cars continued to run over it. My joyous happy day has now turned into the worst day ever.
Yep that fast. I wasn’t just crying I was sobbing. Beating myself up for being so stupid. I had now lost all my precious photos of the day.  And like everyone else my whole life was in that phone. How could I be so careless.  But from the backseat came a very sweet tiny voice. And my granddaughter Teegan just barley 3 yrs old said. Nanny why are you crying? It’s just a phone. You can get another one.  I proceeded to tell her that it was more then a phone. It had all of Nannies important stuff on it. But she still stood by her words. I thought about what she said the rest of the drive. And I realized she was right I was going to have to decide how the rest of the night was going to go. I could stay where I was in this dark pitiful place. Or I could have Faith it was all ok and enjoy my family. I was starting to feel better and turned to smile at the kids,when once again my sweet little girl said. Don’t worry Nanny God is going to Bring your phone back to you. I thought yea right,but it was so sweet of her to try to make her Nanny feel better. 
After we had gotten back from the pirate dinner. My son in law Avery said he thought he knew where my phone went off the road at, and he would be glad to take Jack and go look if he wanted. Of course now it’s dark and raining but they went anyway. And as you can guess they did come back with my phone. It was totally smashed, and I didn’t get to save a thing off of it. (But she never said I would.)Teegan walks through the kitchen looks at my phone in her grandpas hands looks at me and smiles her biggest smile and says. TOLD YA.  And continues on through the kitchen. Her Faith never once wavered. Even when I tried to change her mind. She stood firm. Her faith was so much stronger then my doubt.  

10 Morning and Bedtime Affermations

You get to decide what kind of a day you're going to give. Why not tell your mind how great it’s going to be.
1.   I will do my best today.
2.   My first blessing of today, I woke up.
3.   I am grateful for today’s opportunities 
4.   I am excited for what the day will bring
5.   I will not focus on things I can’t control today
6.   yesterdays mistakes is today’s lesson learned
7.   I will surround myself with positive people
8.   I will smile even if things get tough today
9.   I will respond with kindness even if it’s not kindness I receive
10. I will Remember to take a deep breathe step back and begin again
Say these 10 things before going to sleep to help assure your mind you did your best and promote restful sleep.
1.   I have done my best today.
2.   I am happy with today’s accomplishment
3.   tomorrow is a new slate to start again
4.   I am filled with content
5.   I am safe
6.   My heart is grateful
7.   I am blessed
8.   I am peaceful
9.   I Love my family and am Loved in return
10. My body is relaxed and ready for slumber