Looking For A Life Coach

18. 03. 13
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Looking For A Life Coach
Hello, Looking for a Life Coach can be well,A little overwhelming can’t it? You’ve got people promising you all kinds of results. Promising if you use them and only them will you get the results your looking for. When In fact that may well be the problem. You may not know for sure what it is exactly your wanting to do, or where to start, including what type of coaching you really need.
I for one hear ya. So my suggestion to you is. Go ahead be picky, do your research,and find the one you feel will be right for you. After all it’s  your Future, your talking about. And once you have made that step of finding that coach you can connect with. Prepare to work hard and reach for that brass ring. All I ask is that you consider me for the job. Don’t worry no long speeches or promises. No stories of how or why I became a coach. (This is about you. It’s your story that’s important here.) just a few things you can expect when working with me.
1  I make no promises as to results. Why? Well because I can only vouch for my part. So I’m only in control of half of the out come. The other half is up to you.
2 Not everyone is a match. So your first session is free. I call it The Get To Know Each Other Session.  If it works great. I’m your new coach. And I’ll give it all I got. If not then I sincerely hope you find one that is right for you. 
3 I like to and try to be positive, but at the same time I am also a Optimist.  I know somethings are beyond our control. So my belief is. If it doesn’t work, then try something that will.
4 I don’t have Answers for you. I do however have a endless supply of questions for you.  These questions will come as you answer the previous one. The intent is to unlock your mind and soul and get to the root of your desire. And what’s keeping you from achieving it.
5. Once we have achieved your Life’s Desire, then together we will build a action plan , set it into motion. Oh and don’t worry you will tell me the actions you want to take. My job is to hold you accountable for what you decide.  Again it’s all about you.
6. Once our 12 week sessions are completed we will evaluate our progress see where we are, and together decide if I’m still needed or not. The goal is to get you on your feet and help you, until the day comes you don’t need me anymore. So we would meet for one hour a week by Skype,Facebook, phone. For 12 weeks. 13 if you count our getting  to know each other session. Get you set up with a plan to achieve your goals,  keep you accountable for taking action on the plan ,and then once you feel your ready. I’ll turn the accountability back to you, and I’ll be finished. We both win.  Don’t worry I won’t stay any longer then needed. It truly is not just about the money for me. I Love helping people. When you win I win.
So now go on think it over.  And if you would like the chance to see if I could be right for you. Set up a appointment. You will never know till you try.  Oh and by the way. I didn’t mention my fee here cause I like to do that when we meet.  I feel it’s more comfortable for everyone that way. So here is staying Optimistic that I’ll hear from you soo. Rene Life Coach

10 Morning and Bedtime Affermations

You get to decide what kind of a day you're going to give. Why not tell your mind how great it’s going to be.
1.   I will do my best today.
2.   My first blessing of today, I woke up.
3.   I am grateful for today’s opportunities 
4.   I am excited for what the day will bring
5.   I will not focus on things I can’t control today
6.   yesterdays mistakes is today’s lesson learned
7.   I will surround myself with positive people
8.   I will smile even if things get tough today
9.   I will respond with kindness even if it’s not kindness I receive
10. I will Remember to take a deep breathe step back and begin again
Say these 10 things before going to sleep to help assure your mind you did your best and promote restful sleep.
1.   I have done my best today.
2.   I am happy with today’s accomplishment
3.   tomorrow is a new slate to start again
4.   I am filled with content
5.   I am safe
6.   My heart is grateful
7.   I am blessed
8.   I am peaceful
9.   I Love my family and am Loved in return
10. My body is relaxed and ready for slumber