10 Morning and Bedtime Affermations

You get to decide what kind of a day you're going to give. Why not tell your mind how great it’s going to be.
1.   I will do my best today.
2.   My first blessing of today, I woke up.
3.   I am grateful for today’s opportunities 
4.   I am excited for what the day will bring
5.   I will not focus on things I can’t control today
6.   yesterdays mistakes is today’s lesson learned
7.   I will surround myself with positive people
8.   I will smile even if things get tough today
9.   I will respond with kindness even if it’s not kindness I receive
10. I will Remember to take a deep breathe step back and begin again
Say these 10 things before going to sleep to help assure your mind you did your best and promote restful sleep.
1.   I have done my best today.
2.   I am happy with today’s accomplishment
3.   tomorrow is a new slate to start again
4.   I am filled with content
5.   I am safe
6.   My heart is grateful
7.   I am blessed
8.   I am peaceful
9.   I Love my family and am Loved in return
10. My body is relaxed and ready for slumber
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