Facebook Group Pilot Program

18. 04. 08
posted by: jacknrene
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Hey Ladies. Do you feel like you could use some help with challenges that are keeping you from being the strong, capable, well-adjusted women you were meant to be?

Would you like a safe place that you could ask questions and get answers and feel supported by other women who feel the same or have overcome these same challenges? If you are a woman going through any sort of Transition from career, relationships, spiritual, to motherhood. This group is for you.

So on April 18th I will go from closed to open invitation on my Facebook Group (WIT) "Women In Transition" group page. Come and see what the fuss is all about and see if its right for you. The actual pilot date will be April 26th when group requirements will be explained, and your questions about the group will be answered.  After that it will go back to closed group and will be able to join by invitation only. Looking forward to seeing you there.

10 Morning and Bedtime Affermations

You get to decide what kind of a day you're going to give. Why not tell your mind how great it’s going to be.
1.   I will do my best today.
2.   My first blessing of today, I woke up.
3.   I am grateful for today’s opportunities 
4.   I am excited for what the day will bring
5.   I will not focus on things I can’t control today
6.   yesterdays mistakes is today’s lesson learned
7.   I will surround myself with positive people
8.   I will smile even if things get tough today
9.   I will respond with kindness even if it’s not kindness I receive
10. I will Remember to take a deep breathe step back and begin again
Say these 10 things before going to sleep to help assure your mind you did your best and promote restful sleep.
1.   I have done my best today.
2.   I am happy with today’s accomplishment
3.   tomorrow is a new slate to start again
4.   I am filled with content
5.   I am safe
6.   My heart is grateful
7.   I am blessed
8.   I am peaceful
9.   I Love my family and am Loved in return
10. My body is relaxed and ready for slumber