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16. 12. 31
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Welcome to Coaching with Rene. I am so happy that you decided to check out my website, and see if Life coaching may be right for you.

I myself have always been interested in helping others, and have in fact done so for many years. I first started back in 2004 doing classes called Life Skills in the school where my daughters attended.    That was one of the most rewarding jobs I have ever done. I was an instructor for these courses for ages 1st grade to seniors. I loved the fact that I could teach them something besides the 3 Rs , that they could apply throughout their entire life. I continued to do this until 2010 when life changing events happened that I needed to give it up. I found myself in a semi with my now husband Jack. Traveling from coast to coast, seeing the world, and as some said living the Life. I was also able to practice on another of my passions, my photography. Now don’t get me wrong all of that was awesome, and still is, but I have always felt something was missing.

In 2016 Feb10, to be exact. I had another life changing event. I had an Angina attach in the truck so Sevier that it put me in the hospital for three days, and I had to have stents put in my heart. I found I had a hereditary heart condition. This news came as quite a shock, I never had a clue I had any heart condition, let alone one I was born with. So, as you can imagine this made me reevaluate my life. Life really is short, and I wanted to make a difference, but how. Then it hit me. My love was when I was helping those kids with necessary Life Skills, so they could make better informed decisions to help them as they grew. So why not help Adults do the same thing. We all get caught up in society, and we do what we must do, but we often lose our way, and forget what it is we truly desire from our lives, and so here I am again doing what I love. I just changed from Life Skills, to Life Coaching, and my children are now adults. It’s a win win situation. I get to do what I love, and that is Helping people, and you get the help you need in having a more fulfilled Happier Life.

Your Life Coach,

Rene Bates