About Us

Full Spectrum Transitional Coaching helps People to strategize and over come challenges that they feel are keeping them from having the fulfilling LIfe that they desire. Rene a certified LIfe Coach helps  Mind Body and Soul by way of one on one coaching via the internet,,and she also does what she calls Dream Weaver Vision Blard Parties/ workshops. These Party/workshops are held in groups or one on one, and are designed to help individuals,Businesses, and organizations To bring focus to what they really want. Parties are tailored to fit the business ,organization, or individual. Rene also has a closed Facebook group for Women called WIT or Women in Transition. This group  is by invitation only and is designed to give women a safe place to voice their fears and joys of being a woman in today’s society without fear of judgement. its a place to ask questions receive answers and support from other women who are or have been faced with the same challenges. For more info and pricing on any of these programs. Please contact Rene and set up a consultation. 


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