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Make Your Dreams Bigger Then Your Fears

 Make Your Dreams Bigger Than Your Fears

Ok, so its time for me to come clean. My Husband Jack and I are not just here in Orlando having fun. Oh yeah, we are at a resort in Orlando, and yes we are enjoying ourselves very much. But the Truth is we are actually moving here. But unlike the gentleman, I told you about in the Big Picture. It was a mutual decision, we both felt it was time for a change. Jack got a good job offer and so here we are.  The reason for the stay in the resort is, we don't actually have a home yet. We go house hunting this week, so we shall see how that goes. Now I'm not going to tell you that this decision was easy and that we don't have fears, cause well that would be a lie. And when I say Fear oh yeah I mean sweaty Palm, wake you up in the night Kinda Fear.  The kind that gives you every possibility of wrong that could happen, and makes you physically sick. Yep That is the kind I'm talking about

So How do I get over this fear? Well, first of all, I pray a lot. Then I start reminding myself of how good this change is going to be for the both of us. How We will now be close enough to see the grandchildren and other family more often. I will finally have a house that doesn't roam around the countryside. ( for those of you who don't know. Jack was a trucker and for the past 8 years, we have lived full time in our Semi.)  Once I learned to turn the negative thoughts into a positive I am able to put the Fear aside. Does this mean that I don't ever have fear and anxiety anymore? Of course no it still likes to torment me every now and then. I have however learned to not let it take control anymore. I keep my Dreams, wants and desires first and foremost, I envision the life that is coming, things like my grandkids coming to visit. my business taking off, and oh of course who could forget I can now escape the cold snowy winters lol. You see I am Making my Dreams be Bigger than my Fears!!!

The Big Picture

 The Big Picture

So as I told you in my previous article Jack and I are staying at a resort in Florida.  We are having a wonderful time. Lots to do here, especially for a photographer like myself.  There are of course the pools, hot tubs, and tennis, but for me just beyond the golfing putting range, over by the paddle boats, there is a nature lovers paradise . I walk down to this little walking bridge that takes you out on a peer every morning. Its usually very quiet and no one is around so i get treated to the life that lives in around and on the water. Mainly the birds and their newly hatched babies. but I also have a baby alligator, a couple of tiger shell turtles, and lets not forget the 5 foot gator that suns on the far side of the pond. My pictures are if I say so myself quite national geographic lol.   If you noticed I said I'm usually alone. The reason I stated that was because this particular morning there was a gentleman with a survey wheel walking back in forth in the same place for quite a while. Now I am no surveyor but even I know you need to walk around to make this thing work. So being the curious person I am. I ask if he was ok.  Well he kinda gave me the look of leave me alone please, and went back to what he was doing, (staring off into space) and I smiled and went on down to the pond to see what my friends where up to at the waters edge. I was just getting into taking my pictures, and had forgotten that I wasn't alone, when the survey man walks up and just begins to tell me that he has a real big challenge that he doesn't know what to do about. He talked about his Life and how confused he was about how to change things to please everyone in his family. As he talked I realized he was so concerned about everyone else's feelings, that he completely forgot about his own. As He talked I ask questions, and as he answered them he always seemed to have excuses, he had thousands of reasons for why he didn't think they should move. His mother moved close by to be near the grandkids. He had grown kids there and a new grandbaby of his own. He went on and on about how everything he had was there in Texas. So I asked the next Obvious question. Why Do You Want To Move?  All of a sudden he Lit up and he began to tell me how it would allow him to  finally stop traveling. he could be home with his, 4 year old son. He himself felt he could actually improve his home life be the husband and father he wanted to be, and the raise would allow him to work less often. To me He had answered his own question. Your older kids are grown with families of their own. you can always move your mom with you, or she can stay by the grandkids like she wanted. You guys can visit one another, so what are you waiting for? go get your wife and son and have your Happily Ever After.  Sounded perfect to me, But you see I didn't have all the facts. I only had his wants and concerns. The other half of the story was his wife wanted him to quit traveling and be home, but she didn't want to move.  she wanted to stay put  in Texas. Now that I had the Big Picture and the root of the challenge. I was able to give him some sound advise. That advise was go home sit with the wife. Make a list of pros and cons of moving. get a clear vision of what this would mean for your household. then together they could make a better more clearer decision on what to do that they could both be happy with. So you the one reading this if you're facing a challenge and you don't know what to do. Take this same advise. make a pros and cons list and get The Big Picture for your Life.

Finding the Why for your Life

Finding The Why For Your Life

My Husband Jack and I were checking into our resort in Orlando Florida this past week,  If you have ever done this, then you know these rooms are quite full of people trying to get checked in, get their parking passes, and directions to the various buildings for their week's accommodations, as well as others trying to check out the attractions in the area. Usually when you get to the desk just after the check in you get a big smile and a hope you enjoy your stay. This time not so much. You see Jack and I always are very courteous, and always ask how their day is going, and try not to cause any kind of grief. We both have worked in the public and know how stressful people can be, many not meaning to be, but stressful just the same. This time the woman at the desk said this particular day was better than the day before, and she proceeded to tell us about being moved to 5 different resorts, and how she felt overwhelmed and not even sure of why she was doing this job anymore and how she cried all day. Now I know what your thinking. Everyone has a bad day and it sounds like things got better the next day. But something was still not sitting right with her or Why tell us at all. Anyway as we left that desk, we had to go to yet another to finalize our stay and make sure we had everything we needed. I was ready to put the women out of my mind and once again get excited about our days of sun and fun that lay just beyond those doors when You guessed it, we encountered yet another woman who was not overly happy about her Life. To my surprise, she immediately opened up to Jack n I about her FEAR of not knowing her LIFES WHY.  Yep her exact words. and she asks how do you really know if you are doing the thing you were meant to do. I spent a few minutes talking with her. and afterwards realized there are so many people in this world living a life that they are just going through the motions. Doing just what they feel they have to do to get by or to make the amount of money they feel is expected of them. It was sad to me. Because Life is meant to enjoy. Its meant to Live not just go through the motions. Nobody said it would be perfect, and that you would never have challenges. Those things are all part of Life, You will have bad days, and a bad day every now and then does not make a bad Life . of course if you find you are having more worse days than good, that your not excited about your life, your job, your location, you can always change it , Dont let Fear of change keep you from finding Your Lifes Why.

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