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 Summer and your Health

Well, it looks Like Mother Nature has finally convinced Old Man Winter to let go of the Icy Grip he has had on us this year. For those of you who got a Spring Hurray for you, because most of us are going to go from Winter straight into Summer.   It has stayed pretty cool if not downright cold, but as I said it looks like that all may be over and its time to turn our attention to the warm weather and our Health.

For a lot of us with health issues, the summer temps can be challenging. and even if you don't have any health issues you still may find it hard to function outside.  The heat and humidity can really get you down, and the clothes sticking to you from all the sweating makes you not even wanna think about exercising. So today I got on the website NIDDK (National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Disease) and I found a few tips that might help you to stay more active during the summer with less discomfort. ( please feel free to check the website out for yourself for more information. These are just a few from their.)


1. This summer try water exercises. These are a great way to get fit and stay cool. check with your local pool and see if they or your local gym offer this for your area.

2. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water, before durung and after exercise. you should be doing this all year long, but it is especially important during hot weather, as you sweat more you could dehydrate really quick. when you are going to be out in the sun make sure you carry drinking water with you.

3.Utilize your farmers market. Its a great way to get fresh fruits and vegitables for your family, but it also helps support your local farmers and your community.

4.When the Sun is at its highest thats the time to do indoor activities. Less chance of heat stroke, and sunburn, and dehydration.

5.Go visit Zoos, Museums, festivals ect this summer. You will get plenty of walking in without realizing it, and not to mention the fun!

6. Wanna visit with your  neighbors? invite them out for a after dinner walk around town. Its a great way to get out in the evening and walk, plus you can visit and get ideas for things to do  this summer, by sharing experiences.

I hope these few tips to help you have a safe Happier Summer. I know some are common sense but a reminder never hurts. 

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