Ways to get In Touch with your Spiritual Side

Spirituality is a very personal thing. It is our connection with our higher Being and the Universe. We need our mind, body and soul to connect with one another to be a Happy, healthy well-rounded person. when one part of us is ill or having difficulty it affects all the other parts as well. Please don't be afraid to ask for help. Sometimes you just need to chat and hearing yourself talk can help you to sort things out within yourself. There are also a lot of self-help books on the subject.  If your mind is telling you something is needing your attention. You owe it to your well being to search for answers. No matter whether you do yoga, meditate, journal, or,  pray,  you need to not neglect your spirit.  and just as important, take care of your physical body. without the proper nutrients and exercise you cant function properly.  You see your body was designed to be a well-oiled machine.  If you give each part the proper care and maintenance it will take care of you for years to come.  THINGS TO HELP YOU BE MORE SPIRITUAL......

1. Devote some time to helping others. it is a great way to enhance your life's purpose.

2. DO Deep Breathing Exercises it helps quiet the mind and improves concentration.

3. Celebrate the moments that make you feel alive.

4. Try to think more positively about things

5. Determine your own happiness.

6. Take 15 minutes a day to devote to meditation.

7. Read uplifting books and magazines, and apply what you learn to everyday life.

8. Be Thankful and Grateful for everything you have

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